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Implementation / project implementation

Ability and political integrity of science and technology in large business system architecture, also have a more in-depth research, combined with the latest technologies to develop the industry, having both ability and technology to build the enterp
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Training / Training certification

Ability and political integrity of science and technology of improving the quality of service delivery at the same time, regulate the behavior of service delivery, set up its own service image, and through the high quality service quality to provide
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Maintenance / Operation and maintenance service

The implementation methodology of virtue technology is a fast and effective implementation method which is closely combined with Salesforce products, and the following principles are advocated in the implementation of virtue technology: There are pla
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Conference / Industry & Industry Conference

This is a customer-centric era, and CRM is increasingly valued by enterprises as a leading enterprise in modern Marketing, and Eloqua is the core of the Oracle Marketing Cloud solution. Innovative marketing automation and revenue performance manageme
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In today's competitive market, 360 - degree comprehensive grasp customer and timely data file is not enough, you need to be able to real-time transmission data to you before, can realize the key information from a mobile device at any time record and
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Designation / conceptual design

Ability and political integrity based on the customer orientation of science and technology for business process combing, optimization and reengineering, establish customer process, based on customer process customer operation system of post responsi
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