Business challenges:

1. In recent years, the manufacturing center of the pharmaceutical industry is shifting from China to southeast Asia, India, west Africa and other places.
In order to improve the competitiveness of the order and sample, meicang has set up branches and offices in various regions.
With the rapid expansion of overseas business, the existing software cannot meet the requirements of front-line business personnel around the world for ease of operation, sociability, mobility and intelligence of the system.
In addition, due to the application of big data technology in the medical industry and the characteristics of rapid response in the form of online shopping, the prediction cycle of the medical industry has been sharply shortened, and rapid response and specialized services have become more and more important for meikang biology.
2. Meicang biology urgently needs to establish a global CRM system based on cloud computing model, so as to meet the requirements of establishing unified customer information management, sales organizational structure change management, business opportunity management, product price management and medical inspection in overseas regions such as North America, Europe and southeast Asia.


1. Established customer files to lay a good foundation for fine management;
2. Establish a reasonable marketing system and transfer the marketing focus from dealers to ABS customers;
3. Establish a sound marketing process, including new product development process and rolling order placing process;
4. Get through the information flow among the headquarters, regions and offices, and establish a stable application, approval and work report mechanism;
5. Improve the working efficiency of business staff and strengthen the transformation of potential customers;
6. Use statements and other forms to provide certain decision-making basis for the management.

Bring value:

1. Manage the company's customers, project process, products and other relevant information by establishing a unified business management platform.
It enables the company's business personnel to input, modify and view information on computers, ipads, iphones and other electronic terminal devices, so as to improve the overall business operation level more quickly.
2. Establish a business process centered on customer development and customer service, and improve the order rate, speed up the order, and respond quickly through the CRM system to avoid repeated proofing.
3. Update the customer structure, from the current one dominated by dealers, to the one dominated by ABS customers, supplemented by strategic dealers.
Pursue an efficient delivery system.
Industrial chain horizontal integration extension, around the product features, rapid response, agile delivery, to form a good delivery system, better service customers.
4. Transformed the customer resources of sales into enterprise resources, and provided resource support for sales personnel. Such sales method realized the product sales tasks with high technical content, complicated sales process and diversified changes, and realized customers' repeated purchases.

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