Business challenges:

Enterprises want to win a larger market and more high-quality customers.
Competitors have adopted more advanced technology in the design and production of products and in the operation and management of enterprises.
The market is changing all the time, and the needs of customers are changing constantly. Enterprises need to fully understand customers, explore high-quality customers, and ensure that repeat customers visit their products more often.
In most enterprise, sales, marketing, customer service and support the business such as lack of communication between the front desk business and back office are separated, which makes the enterprise each link between is very difficult to work with the attitude towards customers, each customer has independent thought, focus on customer needs not only the market promotion, and more to pay attention to the differences between customers, which is to provide personalized service to our customers.
Salesforce enables all departments to coordinate with each other in an orderly and efficient manner.
Let different departments with friends can share customer information platform, so as to be able to integrate customer information resources, sales, service, market management integration


1) sales management

Through the management of opportunity leads and the recording of unrealized sales, the opportunity will not be missed. Meanwhile, the priority level of tracking opportunity can be adjusted according to the probability of opportunity and the amount of money.
When the opportunity succeeds, it can be converted into a contract, which can be extracted directly from the opportunity to avoid the tedious operation of repeatedly entering the contract content.
Order contract can carry out the flow audit of the specified audit process.

Through the CRM system, the contract can be inquired and counted in a timely and comprehensive manner, and it can be inquired and counted according to the time, amount, customer, product, salesman and other conditions, so as to help the enterprise to manage the contract more conveniently.
Management can also keep abreast of the progress of the sales department.

2) customer service management

Record all customer service activities into the system, such as customer complaints. The specific situation of customer complaints can be recorded, including customer name, complaint classification, complaint content, product, content, etc., and then transfer the complaint to the relevant department for handling and recording the acceptance;
Customer support, record customer questions and answers.

Record the content of customer service request, progress, customer response level, person in charge, etc. After completing the service request record, the service order can be directly generated.

Service personnel can quickly and conveniently check customer information in system related items, such as purchase product information, order status, etc.

3) analysis of statements

Provide a variety of report templates, including customer information list, activity history list, various types of sales list, outbound list and other forms, and provide a custom design report tools.

Superior leaders can clearly understand all kinds of information of customers through analysis, so as to make decisions and judgments.

Through analysis, the salesman can understand his own sales process and his own sales activities.

Based on specialized services, Salesforce realizes the integration of various resources of professional services and customer information resources, which can help enterprises improve customer loyalty, reduce customer turnover rate, and constantly tap new customers to maximize customer value in the fierce competitive environment.
Ensure the enterprise to increase profits while also let customers feel the quality of service.

Bring value:

1. Establish the unity of basic data and realize the customer's 360° view.
The unified customer information management platform enables the financial and sales staff to cooperate with each other to quickly complete the pre-exhibition process in the system under the premise of ensuring data security.
System of work approval management, improve the overall work efficiency of personnel.
2. Through the management of market activities, I can clearly grasp the current state of the exhibition, analyze the effect of each exhibition activity, the final booth transaction rate and other important information.
3. Through business opportunity management, sales follow-up can be checked from the system, and different project departments can cooperate with sales to complete the booth management and coordination of exhibitors in a timely manner.
4. Through management reports and dashboards, the management can obtain real-time and accurate business analysis, provide a basis for making management decisions and promote the realization of business objectives.

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