Business challenges:

1. Backward marketing model, lack of customer-oriented front-line combat organization, difficult to effectively meet customer needs, difficult to support the achievement of strategic objectives
2. Lack of customer insight and management skills
3. Insufficient ability in clue mining and management
4. Insufficient business opportunity transformation and management ability
5. Lack of customer relationship management ability due to scattered customer information
6. Sales training is not systematic and professional enough
7. Inaccurate market forecast (sales forecast and demand plan)


1. Improve the marketing model and establish a customer-centric unified operation organization
2. Strengthen market management, improve customer insight, and quickly grasp market trends
3. Establish the clue management process and develop multiple channels to obtain clues
4. Establish a business opportunity management mechanism and an iron triangle coordination mechanism to carry out refined management of business opportunities
5. Established customer 360 view, accumulated customer information into enterprise assets, and improved customer management ability
6. Establish training mechanism and knowledge base to equip front-line sales
7. Establish a forecasting system, improve market forecasting ability, guide production and improve customer satisfaction

Bring value:

1. Manage the company's customers, project process, products and other relevant information by establishing a unified business management platform.
It enables the company's business personnel to input, modify and view information on computers, ipads, iphones and other electronic terminal devices, so as to improve the overall business operation level more quickly.
2. Through the business management platform, customers' basic information, address information and relevant information related to customers can be recorded.
Relevant information includes communication records with customers, transaction records, etc., so as to achieve a customer view of 360°.
3. Through the business management platform, record the distribution and completion of tasks between business personnel and customers in the project process, as well as the communication information in the sales process and the information of emails exchanged.
Monitor sales activities to understand the status of the entire sales process.
Through the management of the whole life cycle of sales, to improve the overall sales transparency.
4. Reflect the performance level of the sales team through the real-time report analysis of the business management platform.
Understand the business operation status, can generate corresponding reports according to different dimensions, improve the company's overall business operation insight.

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