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-Allowing developers to use their preferred programming language and tools to flexibly create applications while maintaining the desired enterprise trust and control.

With the App Cloud that supports the Heroku application development platform, developers can build interactive, interactive client applications that integrate with the Salesforce employee application. These open source applications based on Heroku will change customer relationships in ways never before possible.

[Get enterprise-level trust and control]
Strong combination: enterprise-class functional experience - developers love, and large enterprises need. With Heroku’s Enterprise's "private space", you can quickly build a network isolation and dedicated computing runtime environment, enhance privacy. Communicate your Salesforce customer data directly from your application to the Heroku Postgres database, creating a rich customer interaction.

[Dramatically change the developer's experience]
How can I develop a good application? The key is to enable developers to build in their own preferred language, well-known tools, and platforms that focus on code rather than infrastructure. Heroku is the cloud application platform that developers build for peers. Developers program their open source languages (including Ruby, Node.js, Python, and Java), and then instantly deploy the application.

[Using unparalleled ecosystems]
No need to waste energy to do useless work. Heroku Elements has collected more than 150 third-party add-ons, more than 1,000 open source build packages and more than 3,000 ready-to-deploy buttons to form a rich pre-integrated extension and service ecosystem. Your application can connect to any data source, easily share Salesforce deployment data, and use the latest logging, monitoring and performance tools.
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