Oracle Marketing Cloud

Intelligent, powerful, connected. B2B marketing automation solutions
Accelerate sales with smarter participation
By providing the sales staff with the intelligence needed to achieve faster transactions to speed up the sales cycle. Identify the best potential customers, track the interaction of the marketplace, improve the pace of follow-up, and combine the marketing and sales force to turn potential customers into actual customers.

Generate high quality leads
With a strong set of marketing tools, mining a large number of high-quality sales leads. Easily create login pages and forms, deliver highly targeted e-mail marketing campaigns, and personalize the experience of buyers from click to reach a deal.

Establish meaningful relationships
Automate your most common marketing and sales tasks, eliminating manual operations in lead management. Using automated leads to identify and promote, salespeople can focus on the most important things: create new business.

Calculate Marketing ROI
Think of profit as science rather than art. Use a custom dashboard to track the effectiveness of the campaign, gain a better understanding of which programs are effective, and what the two teams need to do to reflect the success of the deal, and what measures you need to take to complete your goals.
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