Business challenges:

1. The rapid development of mingzhi guomao business needs to realize the refined sales management according to the region and the products.
2. The business personnel's urgent requirements for the ease of use, socialization, mobility and intelligence of the system.
3. Refine and control the sales process of the project, and improve the sales team's ability. 4. The transformation of IT information from "heavy assets" to "light assets", the trend of large Numbers of cloud computing.


1. Integrate customer resources, unify management, strengthen the product penetration of existing customers, and improve customer loyalty
2. Improve the operational capability of the sales team, improve the per capita production capacity, and support the continuous growth of sales performance
3. Establish an efficient and transparent project sales and control platform, and refine and analyze reports on people, wealth and things.
4. Improve the utilization efficiency of sales resources and maximize the output of marketing performance
5. Improve service efficiency, strengthen communication and continuously improve product quality

Bring value:

1. Establish a unified business management platform to manage the company's customers, project processes, products and other relevant information. It enables the company's business personnel to input, modify and view information on various electronic terminal devices such as computers, ipads and iphones, thus improving the overall operation level of the whole business more quickly.
2. Through this business management platform, the customer's basic information, address information and relevant information related to the customer can be recorded. Relevant information including the communication with customer records, clinch a deal the record, do customers view of 360 °.
3. Through this business management platform, records the distribution and completion of tasks during the project, as well as the communication information of the sales process and the information of the correspondence. Understand the status of the whole sales process by monitoring the sales activities. Improve overall sales transparency by managing the entire life cycle of sales.
4. Through the real-time report analysis of the business management platform, the performance level of the sales team is reflected. Understand the business operation status, can generate the corresponding report according to different dimensions, improve the company's overall business operation insight.

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