Business challenges:

1. Scattered management of customer information, lack of correct grasp and analysis of customer internal information, resulting in customer loss
2. The traditional way of managing channels is inefficient, with asymmetric information and delayed business opportunities;
At the same time, the overall control of the agent's business is not in place, can not give timely support, the agent's income is affected
3. The company expands its scale, lacks effective management system assistance, and cannot quickly copy good sales experience. Meanwhile, the management cannot timely grasp the sales process and overall operation status, so as to delay the business expansion
4. There is no Shared data platform between the headquarters and agents.
Business reports and related information are mainly managed by EXCEL, and cannot be viewed on a unified platform for real-time sharing and transmission
5. The efficiency of customer service is low because of the frequent disconnection between sales and customer service


1. Establish a unified customer management platform, realize a 360° view of customers, classify customers according to the multi-dimensional dimensions, and provide personalized services.
2. Establish a unified agent management platform, and standardize dealers to report to customers, report to projects, and apply for special offers.
3. Standardize the project reporting process, track the progress of the project in real time and remind the project leader to follow up in time
4. Standardize the quotation process of project products, and realize the ladder quotation of products according to customers and projects
5. Establish a unified after-sales service platform, manage customer cases, and assign them to after-sales service specialists. Customer service personnel can communicate with customers directly through the system, and solve problems by cooperating with technical specialists when necessary.

Bring value:

1. The customer churn rate is effectively reduced, and the expansion and excavation of customers in key industries and large enterprises are more effective;
2. Expanded the channel's sales revenue and market share
3. New employees can get started faster, business development is more smooth, and market coverage is increased
4. Systematic management has greatly improved sales efficiency and enterprise productivity
5. The information flow of each department is smoother and the business operation is more efficient
6. Customer satisfaction improved significantly.

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